BGA Demo Day: March 2022

BGA Demo Day: March 2022

March 25th at 4pm CET

Join the BGA for our March edition of Demo Day! Discover new blockchain games, products and service companies from our members. Attend the live event for a chance to win special prizes and giveaways.

Discover some of the most exciting Games, Products and Service Companies from our Blockchain Game Alliance members!

Join live for a chance to win special prizes & giveaways and learn more about the companies presenting their projects, game or services.

Prizes and Giveaways

Attend the BGA Game Demo Day LIVE & Win: NFT Airdrops & prizes will be released during the live stream event.

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This month we are going to host a live demo of the following projects:

Meet our Speakers

TCG World ( TCG Gaming)

TCG World is an online open world virtual gaming experience where players can earn TCG Coin 2.0, gather NFT collectibles, own virtual real estate, create, explore the game world, control their own online businesses, or just have fun. TCG World introduces a new approach to NFTs making it more than just a piece of art — now players can take their NFTs into the gaming world and play. Everything a player owns in the metaverse is an NFT — real estate, vehicles, pets, trophies and even player avatars.

QUDO by Block Bastards

QUDO is a revolutionary mechanism that rewards Gamers and Developers with a cryptocurrency. Players can do In-App-Purchases using QUDO in all adherent games, while game developers can improve their games through the QUDO B2B marketplace or give back to the community by creating additional rewards.


Sidus heroes is a space-themed play to earn, MMORPG being built by an experienced tech company with >200 full-time employees and numerous successful projects under their belt. Game-play takes place in a space metaverse with interstellar exploration, battles and settlement, and is governed by a detailed political and economic structure. 

Aavegotchi — The Gotchiverse by Pixelcraft Studios

The Gotchiverse is Pixelcraft Studio’s flagship title that celebrates the best of blockchain technology. The metaverse is built on Aavegotchi, an open-source, community owned, NFT gaming protocol that unlocks true asset ownership for gamers. In this spirit, The Gotchiverse is co-created with direct input from the community via AavegotchiDAO. Summon your first Aavegotchi today and meet us in the Gotchiverse!