Our mission

Our Mission

Raise individual and businesses awareness about how blockchain can transform games and improve or disrupt existing business areas.

Accelerate adoption by acting on existing barriers to innovation and by catalyzing efforts into creating actionable industry standards and best practices.

Raise awareness and accelerate adoption

  1. Encourage development of standards and share best practices.
    Support research, discussions, identification, sharing, and recommendation of standards and best practices in the development and testing of blockchain technologies.  Standards and strong interoperability are key for broad industry adoption and common knowledge sharing, ensuring further success of the technology itself across different companies and structures.

  2. Advance public understanding.
    Advance wider public understanding and awareness of blockchain games by sharing insights, benefits, and limits of blockchain technologies. We’ll act as trusted experts on blockchain and games for industry, the media, and society on general, contributing to improving public understanding. We’ll also look to highlight aspirational efforts in the blockchain games sector.

  3. Provide an open and inclusive platform for discussion & engagement.
    Create and support opportunities between members and key stakeholders to communicate directly and openly with each other about issues relevant to blockchain and its influences on people, businesses, and society. We aim to ensure that key stakeholders have the knowledge, resources, and the ability to participate fully.

board members

Sebastien Borget

Shaban Shaame

Yasmina Kazitani

Leah Callon Butler
Board Member

Christina Macedo
Board Member

Alex Kosloff
Board Member

Mariano Rubinstein
Board Member

Hideaki Uehara
Board Member