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Maker is a decentralized organization dedicated to bringing financial stability and transparency to the world economy. Maker enables the generation of Dai, the world’s first unbiased currency and leading decentralized stablecoin.


A blockchain based ecosystem for community-powered games, Planetarium allows developers to create cross-platform games based on the Libplanet blockchain technology, and players to connect to each other without need for centralized servers. They are also developing Nine Chronicles, an open source, decentralized RPG set to launch in 2019.


0x is open-source infrastructure that developers and businesses can utilize to build products that enable the purchasing and trading of tokenized assets. Anyone in the world can freely use 0x to service a wide variety of markets ranging from gaming items to financial instruments to assets that could have never existed before.
Altcoin Fantasy helps those new to the blockchain and cryptocurrency space learn about crypto safely while having fun. We offer a gamified crypto trading simulator with different types of fantasy trading games and reward users for improving their knowledge and skills through prizes and rewards.
We work with blockchain and crypto companies to help them gain awareness among our global community of crypto enthusiasts and to advance mainstream adoption. We are making learning about crypto risk-free, fun and rewarding.
Developer of the decentralized, multi-player, online, game called the AlterVerse. The AlterVerse is a gaming and world-building multiverse, where users can play and create an infinite number of interconnected games and worlds.
Players, Streamers, Builders, Creators, and Hosts can monetize their activities using our in-game tokens called Aces™. Currently in development, we are on the verge of releasing our first Game, AlterVerse: Disruption.
We make tools that let you mint, sell, use, connect, and search for crypto-items in a blockchain-based game ecosystem.


Blockchain algorithms require compute platforms, PCs and servers – more specifically CPUs and GPUs to run on. AMD is in a unique position to offer the best combination of CPU and GPU technologies to make blockchain transactions increasingly faster and more secure. We are working with existing ecosystem partners to bring blockchain compute solutions to market for a large variety of use cases and exploring opportunities with new and innovative platforms using blockchain
Arkane offers Wallets-as-a-Service with a high focus on usability and user experience to enable to the creation of games which focus on mainstream gamers.

Arvand Game Studio

Arvand Game Studio is a mobile game development studio which creates innovative games for iOS and Android. Recently Arvand Game Studio set up a dedicated team focusing on blockchain games called NSF Games. Their first game is a fantasy football management game with innovative design and gorgeous artworks based on Tron network.
Autonomous Worlds Ltd is a specialist Blockchain development company with many years of experience. Specialising in Blockchain gaming, the Autonomous Worlds team built the worlds first blockchain games in 2013. In 2018 they launched the blockchain Platform Xaya.
Currently AW are working on 2 cutting edge blockchain games. Taurion, a fully decentralised MMO and Soccer Manager Elite, a football management which runs entirely on blockchain.
B2Expand is a French indie video game developer specializing in blockchain technology since 2016. The studio released the first title Beyond the Void and its blockchain companion app Nexarium in in 2018. The team is now working on a new IP “”Light Trail Rush””. The PvP, multiplayer arcade game will integrate NFT ecosystem using its token Nexium. 
B2Expand endeavours for the mass adoption of blockchain games in two ways: making a great game and funding R&D. B2Expand is one of the founding members of the Blockchain Game Alliance.

Blockade Games is a video game development company led by Marguerite deCourcelle that is producing some of the longest-running experiences blending blockchain with interactive entertainment.

From Plasma Bears to Pineapple Arcade, to the upcoming flagship title, Neon District, our games incorporate crypto-assets in a way that pulls together today’s largest communities of players in the blockchain space.

And now, our team is tightly focused on enthralling mainstream gamers. Blockade Games consistently pushes the boundaries of how decentralized technologies can reinvent traditional gaming experiences.

Blockchain gaming media site dedicated to bringing the top and latest news in the industry. is an informational and community portal dedicated to the blockchain gaming industry. It currently features news videos, Meetups, a conference, and many associated social media channels.
Blockchainizator aims to provide quality digital collectibles that people can enjoy, transmit, and trade with a safe and proud feeling of digital ownership. It starts with AtOMo (test our speller
Other collections are in our ideas box. Option for later: moving from content to products and services, leveraging the power of blockchain for our community.
“Yes baby, we craft Crypto-Collectibles with serious fun in mountains & lakes region!”

BlockPegnio is a gaming innovation company with a mission to accelerate the adoption of blockchain-powered features into the mainstream gaming industry.

We design games that integrate blockchain elements “where it makes sense” to create the first real blockchain games that can reach mainstream audiences and push towards the mass adoption of blockchain technologies.

Our company’s portfolio currently consists of The Six Dragons, the first blockchain-powered open-world RPG on Ethereum network, and Crafting Simulator, a gamified companion app for our titles.

Cartesi is a decentralized and scalable Linux infrastructure that solves the problems of computational scalability and development infrastructure for the decentralized web.

With Cartesi, Blockchain applications can be coded with the vast domain of mainstream software stacks available today. Applications run off-chain, with the strong security guarantees of the blockchain, but free from its computation limits and high costs.

Castle Crypto is a blockchain gaming news and game review website. We’re actively testing games in alpha and beta phase in order to provide useful content to our readers. We’re also helping to spread the word about blockchain gaming with unique and useful guides and tutorials.
ChainGuardians is an unique universe, where anime meets crypto. Guardians have been forming alliances, battling rivals and fighting for survival within a post apocalyptic, volatile and war-ridden universe.
Codeglue is a high quality game development & porting studio. We develop, enhance and port games from and to any platform imaginable! We love to think ourselves as collaborative technology specialists: We love
to collaborate with publishers and fellow game developers, and we’re always tinkering with the latest innovations in gaming like VR, AR and blockchain technology.
ConsenSys is a global blockchain technology company building the infrastructure, applications, and practices that enable a decentralized world.
Contentos is a public blockchain project that aims to reinvent the global content value ecosystem. To give power and value back to independent creators and their fans, Contentos provides a decentralized platform for digital content, where content can be freely produced, authenticated of its copyrights, distributed, and transacted. We are invested by investment institutions such as Binance Labs, DHVC, IDG Capital, Ontology and etc. 

Convergence is creating Silica neXus a Cross Reality Universe (think Ready Player One). Cross Reality will make it so differing platforms and devices (AR, VR, computer, mobile, arcade, etc) can all play the same game at once.

To help make this possible Silica neXus will start with an NFT marketplace that will allow players to buy, sell and trade their NFT’s. The neXus Marketplace will also contain the Player Aquisition Engine which will onboard players for new blockchain games inexpensively. 

Crypto Gamers has been helping Blockchain games to get traction and to provide them not only the much-needed visibility but also quality connections, advice, and the community support.

Cudo has created the technology that connects consumers of cloud computing, to providers looking to monetise their underutilised hardware. By creating this Next Generation Cloud platform, Cudo is able to provide organisations with up to 10x more cost-effective computing.

Cudo Gamer (A Cudo product) is a B2B application that integrates with any gaming platform and provides instant monetisation of users’ hardware, using spare or idle computing power for blockchain and cloud computations.

Certified Google, Yandex, MyTarget and VK Partner, and our team is filled with specialists in research and analysis, strategy, ORM, community management, PPC (pay per click), eCommerce, communication with influencers, conversion optimization, site usability, apps, and more. Our team combines creativity and top expertise in marketing.
Dapp Pocket provides a secure and easy way to manage cryptocurrency. With Dapp Pocket, you can use 2000+ Dapp (Decentralized App) on your phone and also find best price to convert cryptocurrency. Use Dapp and Enjoy Blockchain.
The Ebakus protocol enables decentralised applications (dApps) to reach mass adoption. By removing the need for plugins users can access their favourite dApp from any platform. By replacing the need for fees or staking with PoW, Ebakus eliminates the biggest UX hurdle for developers. Fees!
Enjin offers ecosystem of integrated blockchain products that enable anyone to manage, explore, distribute, and integrate blockchain assets. Comprised of the Enjin Platform, Explorer, Wallet, Beam, and other tools and services, Enjin’s tools enable game developers and studios to utilize tokenized digital assets as part of their acquisition, retention, engagement, and monetization strategies. 
The Enjin ecosystem is fueled by Enjin Coin (ENJ), an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency used to directly back the value of Enjin-powered blockchain assets. 
EverdreamSoft Crystal Suite is developed by EverdreamSoft SA (EDS), a swiss-based company founded in 2010 as a game studio. Since 2014, EDS has been pioneering integration and use of blockchain tools in the domains of gaming and digital collectibles.
With their mobile game Spells of Genesis, launched in 2017, EverdreamSoft set a trend of “true ownership” of digital assets. EverdreamSoft is a founding member of Blockchain Game Alliance.

GamerHash’s mission is to provide people(gamers) with a simple, free tool to reap the rewards of blockchain, minus all the hassle.

Our solution has simplified the cryptomining process to such a level that all the barriers of entry have been lifted enabling anyone with access to a computer to monetize resources they already possess and gain added value.

Users devote their time for simple and entertaining activities and are rewarded with our internal currency exchangeable for products from our Store.GamerHash has more than 400.000 users. GamerHash representatives are working already in 3 offices: Poland, Malta & California.

Gimbl is a decentralized platform designed specifically for streamers and their viewers. Our platform is going to introduce a concept that is unique in the streaming space: Gimbl Challenges. Viewers will be able to interact with their favourite streamers just like they interact with their friends in the real world, while also supporting them.
Viewers will be able to set incentivized challenges such as kill numbers, match placement, and more to help their streamers achieve new heights as both gamers and content creators. 
Established in 2014, Gulovsen Law Office has a singular mission: to provide the best possible legal service to clients who are actively involved in disrupting the status quo and laying the foundation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (and providing it for a fraction of what other firms charge for the same level of service).
Clients include innovators in artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, cryptocurrency, distributed ledger technology (DLT), gaming, the Internet of Things (IoT), and machine learning (ML). Our motto is simple: “You disrupt. Let us handle the legal stuff.”
Based in Ireland Heathen Engineering develops and publishes games for PC, Mac and Linux and game development tools for the Unity 3D game engine. Heathen has published a range of tools including shader resources, platform integrations and asset bundles to help accelerate the development of great games coupled with Heathen’s live support.
Hoard is changing the future of the Gaming Industry. Through revolutionary technology, based on blockchain, Hoard offers a unique value proposition for game players and game developers. It enables them to take advantage of true ownership, virtual exchange and crowdfunding games.


IOV provides a universal name service and blockchain SDK.

IQeon is a gaming PvP platform integrating games, applications and services based on intelligent competitions between users created to help players monetize their in-gaming achievements.

Kronoverse, Inc. is developing a unique gaming platform that utilizes layer one blockchain technology to create a new network layer for games to operate on. Games mechanics will now be truly transparent to the public which opens up analysis, wagering, tournaments, data replay, marketplaces, and new item protocols for competitive gaming and eSports.
Loom Network is the Universal Layer 2 that provides developers the tools they need to build high-performance dapps today — optimized for fast transaction times, high-throughput, and a seamless user experience. Loom is the blockchain platform of choice for serious dapp developers.
A robotic engineering simulator, MM war game and peer to peer engineering IP trading platform powered by Ethereum and The Enjin Platform.
Matic Network is a Layer 2 scaling solution that achieves scale by utilizing sidechains for off-chain computation, while ensuring asset security using the Plasma framework and a decentralized network of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) validators.
Matic’s mission is to enable throughput capable of meeting the transaction demand for mass adoption of Blockchain Games and other DApps
NFT.Kred is the platform for creating custom, actionable Non-Fungible Tokens with social engagement.
We are used by:
– Brands and communities to create reward and loyalty tokens that are redeemable for offers and discounts
– Gamers, who import, customize and redeploy in-game items from their favorite blockchain integrated games
– Events to create virtual NFT Swag that drives traffic to sponsors’ and partners’ physical and virtual properties
*We minted over 200,000 NFTs for Consensus 2019:
– Influencers and individuals to tokenize their digital assets and share them with friends

Bringing transparency to the blockchain gaming and crypto-collectible ecosystem.

We record and track non-fungible blockchain assets and trading markets to provide analysis/valuation services to professionals and developer APIs for content creators and builders.

OpenSea is the first peer-to-peer marketplace for blockchain-based assets, which include collectibles, gaming items, and other assets backed by a blockchain. The OpenSea team has backgrounds from Stanford, Palantir, and Google, and is funded by YCombinator, Founders Fund, Coinbase Ventures, 1Confirmation, and Blockchain Capital.
Phoneum is a true mobile-only cryptocurrency, designed to deliver a simplified user experience and platform that enables all users, regardless of technical aptitude, to fully participate in the new cryptocurrency economy.
We’re an indie game development studio building fun blockchain-backed games. Our philosophy is: game play first, blockchain second. Our game CryptoBeasties is now in development.
A democratic social network – using the latest decentralized ledger technology to make fair, transparent, bias-balanced user moderation possible in large communities for the first time. Podium is dedicated to solving the problems of toxicity and misinformation online, while ethically protecting our users’ data and delivering a smooth, transparent, trusted experience.
After release, developers will be able to create satellite communities – e.g. for in-game chat or forums – building custom governance atop the global rules while still leaning on the whole Podium userbase for moderation and enforcement.
Portis is a platform for making decentralized applications accessible to mainstream users. It offers developers an SDK that they can integrate into their DApp to make it familiar and easy for their users, just like using a regular web app. Users can also purchase additional crypto straight to their wallet using their credit card. Finally, developers enjoy additional features to improve their DApp UX, such as “trust this dapp”, gas relay, (analytics coming soon) and more.
Ravalmatic is a game studio located in Barcelona that has been creating casual games using HTML5 technology since 2014.
So far, we have developed and published nearly 100 games, among Flash games, HTML5 mobile and web games. Among our most popular products are FootChinko, Super Soccer Noggins, and Basket Champs.
Reality Gaming Group is a games studio developing an augmented reality, geo-location gaming platform.  The studio has also created an innovative digital asset trading platform which allows users to tokenise items on the blockchain for use in games or for trading.
The first game to launch on the platform is Reality Clash; the worlds first AR combat game available on iPhone and Android. Players can bring their ERC-721 items into the mobile game and start playing with them right now.
Scrypta is the OrgTech Law Firm that stands at the forefront of a new era of programmable economy. We promote the development of informational technology by consulting entrepreneurs and helping them to design, set-up and support their legal entities, to structure investments and joint ventures. We investigate and research distributed ledger technology, audit smart-contracts and implement elements of the decentralized autonomous organisations (DAO) into corporate governance.
Second Legion is a technology forward game studio with a focus on blockchain innovation. Our first game is Caesar’s Triumph, a game of economic, military and political strategy.
Sheppard Mullin is a full service Global 100 firm handling corporate and technology matters, high stakes litigation and complex financial transactions. From our 15 offices in North America, Europe and Asia, we offer global solutions to our clients around the world, providing seamless representation in multiple jurisdictions. The firm’s Blockchain and Digital Currency Team specializes in a range of blockchain-related matters including cryptogames, ICOs, stable coins, and tokenized assets, as well as patents, smart contracts, and DAPPs and DAOs, among other issues.
Sideblock Studios produces blockchain based games. The first Sideblock Studios product is Terrae. Terrae is a Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) strategy war game, where players can conquer lands, trade resources, create alliances and seek the progress of their kingdoms.
Terrae uses blockchain technologies. All the assets of the game are crypto-assets generated from the history and the game work of the users, so the community can give them value and trade them using an internal market platform,  where gamers can monetize their game progress.
Splinterlands is a blockchain-based collectible card game. Players collect digital game cards, represented on the Steem blockchain as NFTs, and they can buy/sell/trade them on the decentralized marketplace or use them to battle against thousands of other players around the world in ranked play seasons or in tournaments with thousands of dollars worth of prizes.
SummerPlay, a small, upstart game studio located in sunny southern California, USA, with a focus on developing high quality, 2D and 3D role-playing games incorporating innovative gameplay and fantastic storytelling for various platforms including desktop, mobile, consoles, and handheld devices. SummerPlay has partnered with a major Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) company in order to integrated blockchain technology into its games in innovative ways.
The Abyss is the first platform where gamers can play games, socialize and get rewarded. We offer MMO/MMORPG games and share a part of our revenue with gamers. Come to The Abyss and earn from an advanced referral system, gaming achievements and other activities!
The Blockchain Group (TBG) is a global umbrella organization of engineers and entrepreneurs with the end mission to create a blockchain-powered ecosystem that allows businesses to harness the power of decentralized energy through its various divisions specialized in blockchain development, marketing & communications and events.
TBG is the first and only listed consultancy firm in France purely dedicated to blockchain technology scaling blockchain-powered enterprises.
The Sandbox is a decentralized, community driven platform, where creators can make voxel assets and gaming experiences and monetize them on the blockchain. It features 3 main components: a NFT builder, a Marketplace and the Game Maker.
We’re empowering Players and Creators and providing an easy way to create & own the content in the games they play through the use of blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens.
TradeStars is a fantasy sports platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain where users can own, create, trade and monetize digital assets that represent real-life sports performances
Tupelo is purpose-built for the things you’re building. ChainTrees, our completely unique data structure, open the door for practical, real-world application development.
With ChainTrees, each object or actor is modeled independently allowing for infinite sharding. This makes the underlying system much more efficient, flexible, and transferrable than the existing cumbersome, single chain systems.
Ubisoft is a leading creator, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment and services, with a rich portfolio of world-renowned brands, including Assassin’s Creed, Just Dance, Tom Clancy’s video game series, Rayman, Far Cry and Watch Dogs. The teams throughout Ubisoft’s worldwide network of studios and business offices are committed to delivering original and memorable gaming experiences across all popular platforms, including consoles, mobile phones, tablets and PCs.
Ultra is bringing the blockchain revolution to the gaming industry and creating a fair ecosystem for the future of games distribution. With cutting-edge technology, Ultra aims to shake up the gaming industry by putting the power back into the hands of developers and players, paving the way for a first-class games publishing platform.
Waves is a unique blockchain platform allowing swift (>1 sec) and inexpensive (>$0,002) transactions, advanced smart contracts and ease of use. Gaming features SDK, GUI-based item tokenization, store where players can instantly trade vs most used cryptocurrencies.
Web3 Foundation bridges the gaps within Web3 technology stack by coordinating and funding the various teams and stakeholders working on these technologies. We lower the barrier to entry builders, researchers, and technologists by building and leveraging the vast amount of open-source resources. 
Our mission is to develop a fully decentralized web. We are building a trustless infrastructure that empowers users to resist arbitrary authority and take back control of their digital sovereignty.