BGA Community Manager / Helper

The Blockchain Game Alliance is a Swiss-based association dedicated to promoting the blockchain technology within the video game industry. Our main missions are to create and sustain a network of professionals from the industry and serve as a link between the broad video game industry and the blockchain game community.

In this association, your role will be to assist the BGA in general. Your tasks will be as follows:

  • Help with organising physical (meetup) and online events of the BGA
  •  Share news and updates from the BGA and its members to the community via channels and social media on a regular basis
  • Work on content and social media writing, translation and alignment
  • Track and report on your social media KPIs
  • Drive engagement on client’s social channels (Discord, Telegram, Reddit, Medium, Twitter etc.) 
  • Provide discussion topics, encourage members to share, answer inquiries, engage with the community overall
  • Manage questions and answers by community members. 
  • Manage and animate communities global on the BGA social media channels including telegram, discord, medium etc.
  • Collect and answers users questions or request on social media channels
  • Collect and synthesise user feedback
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