How does Art Perform in the Metaverse

How does Art Perform in the Metaverse

December 18th, 5PM CET

What a better way to welcome the new year with a look at how Art has been performing in the Metaverse in some of the most disruptive blockchain games and virtual projects over the last year!

An open forum about crypto art and blockchain games in the Metaverse

Join a line up of digital crypto artists and founders from a diverse and creative background. Tune in to discover how art performs in a virtual environment: learn about the challenges and potentials of the virtual worlds and how to create your game, product or interact with art content online.

Expect an open discussion around how artists are using the digital realm to find new ways to engage with their audience and reaching a new level of gamification in art.

Our guest speakers

A. Daniel Garcia Aranda,CEO and Creative Director

Polygonal MindA creative development studio creating videogames, virtual Reality and blockchain projects

Hackatao, Artist

Decentralized Artist Duo. Hack the Tao is the first art game experience designed by Hackatao for The Sandbox Game

Miles Anthony,Founder of Decentral Games

Decentral Games, community-owned metaverse casinos

Drew Harding, Founder of MetaFactory

MetafactoryMaking people’s ideas come true by crafting them into all possible realities always with fun as the core motivation.

James Ashton,CEO, Vegas City Limited

Decentraland Create, explore and trade in the first-ever virtual world owned by its users — Vegas CityThe Worlds 1st #blockchain based Virtual Reality Casino District built in the

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