Gold Sponsor Presentation: Kryptomon

Gold Sponsor Presentation: Kryptomon

March 18th at 4pm CET

Join us live on Friday, March 18th at 4pm CET as we share our stage with one of BGA’s Gold Sponsors: dating app serbia

Kryptomon is an NFT Play-To-Earn blockchain-game, where Pokémon meetsTamagotchi and CryptoKitties.

Set in the Kryptomon metaverse, community members play as ‘Trainers’ of their own individual living NFT monsters — Kryptomons.

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About our Speaker

Tomer (Warschauer) Nuni, Chief Marketing Officer at Kryptomon

I am a serial entrepreneur in the e-Commerce, social media, and mobile apps industries. Planned and executed product strategy and launch, built Go-to-Market and user acquisition action plans, raised capital, developed new partnerships, and recruited advisory board members from various industry-leading companies.

I have spent the last 15+ years helping companies brand, market and advertise their products and brands over the web, mainly on social media and search engines. I focus on results through smart strategy and hands-on execution.

I am recognized for creating strategies & executing complex goal-driven of short & long-term social media campaigns for various top-tier companies. Well-developed employee relations, motivation, management development and training qualifications demonstrated by high retention rates.