Say Hi👋 to our new BGA members who joined this month of November!

Say Hi👋 to our new BGA members who joined this month of November!

November 30th at 4pm CET

Join us in welcoming our new members who joined the Blockchain Game Alliance recently: DecimatedRD LandMega Cat StudiosKingdom RaidsRARA SocialPurple Penguin Pebble Inc. and Mirror World

Join live for an opportunity to learn and interact with our members at a Virtual Presentation featuring blockchain games, enterprises and projects that recently joined the Blockchain Game Alliance!

The New Members online presentation is a monthly activity of the BGA to introduce our member’s projects to the community.

A live Q&A will follow the presentation. Watch live on YouTube, Twitch and Twitter channels.


16:00–16:05 A word from BGA President Sebastien Borget

16:05 –16:15 Mirror World

16:15 –16:25 Kingdom Raids

16:25 –16:35 Decimated

16:35 –16:45 RD Land

16:45 –16:55 Mega Cat Studios

16:55 –17:05 RARA Social

17:05–17:15 Purple Penguin Pebble Inc.

Meet our Speakers

Chris Zhu, CEO of Mirror World

Chris Zhu is the founder and CEO of Mirror World, world’s first intelligent NFT project that focuses on bringing NFTs to life in multiple game worlds. Right now Mirror World is focusing on creating a AI-native Battle Royale Experience.

Duong Van HaiCEO of Kingdom RaidsMr. Hai had many years of experience working in the financial industry and currently, he is a PhD candidate in economics at the University of Glasgow. With his economic background and extensive experience, Mr. Hai helps with financial consultancy and designing the gameplay to ensure the sustainable growth of the Kingdom Raids project.

Stephen Arnold CEO & Creative Director of Decimated

After an early career in music production and sound design, I started working in the videogames industry in 2008, mainly in outsourcing, co-development and creative production; art, animation, cinematics and VFX for AAA vidogames. My first projects included QA/translation partnerships for games including World of Tanks (Wargaming), Angry Birds (Rovio/Chillingo), Cut the Rope (Zeptolab/Chillingo), Vampire Wars (Zynga) and many more. In 2012, I moved into motion capture and real-time cinematics, learning about all the pipelines for art, animation and cinematics production and working with AAA studios as an external partner. I still do this to this day. In 2014 I set up a team to develop the multiplayer thieves vs guards adventure game “Hide & Shriek Mansion” using Unity 4 (ranked #58 on IndieDB at the time)

I set up Fracture Labs in 2018 to develop the post-apocalyptic multiplayer RPG, Decimated® in Unreal Engine which is scheduled for release in 2022 on PC.

Angelina Aleksandrovich, Founder, CEO & Creative Director of RD Land

Angelina is a Founder, CEO & Creative Director of RD Land — webXR metaverse platform for progressive entertainment & virtual relationships in Web 3.0.

Futurist and transhumanist with a background in sculpture, performance art, digital design and sustainability, Angelina specializes in creative storytelling through immersive Extended Reality(XR) tech.

Prior to RD Land, Angelina worked with many global brands incl. Nike, Adidas, Samsung, Dove, SXSW, Mars, EXPO 2020 and more, on a variety of award-winning high-profile productions where she designed and directed interactive XR activations.

In 2019 Angelina founded Raspberry Dream Labs (RDL) — a research collective investigating the potential of humans’ multi-sensory capacity through academic research and immersive XR experiences to improve the relationship people have with their own sexuality, themselves, and others. After publishing ‘Shared multisensory sexual arousal in virtual reality (VR) environments’ paper in De Gruyter, 2020, RDL hosted over 30+ IRL & VR events, including world’s 1st Burning Man in VR to educate and empower the community about the future of technology and human intimacy. This has led to the ideation of RD Land platform in the late 2020 followed by the Closed Alpha launch in summer 2021.

James Deighan, Founder of Mega Cat Studio

Tested entrepreneur and founder of 3 startups. Ambitious and tenacious decision-maker.

I apply myself wholly to any initiative I’m part of and welcome challenges to demonstrate my core competencies. I strive to develop long term relationships with everyone with whom I do business with.

Once I set my mind to something, I set lofty goals and think outside of the box to innovate and execute.

At Mega Cat, getting it right creatively is the guiding principle of our development strategy. We are a creative first development house for high engagement, high-quality gaming experiences.

I champion the opportunities that take the studio to the next level of commercial and critical success. Expect me to deliver audience engagement through game mechanics that bring iconic worlds to life.

My business cards say such things as founder or video game enthusiast. When you get down to it, though, I’m much more. I’m a leader, a technician, a marketer and a teacher. These are the things that I do best, and that I love the most.

Mick Morucci, Product Manager of RARA SociaMetamick is an Anthropologist working in crypto and NFTs. He’s leading Product and Design at RARA social, a like-to-earn platform focused on NFT discovery and curation.

Kevin Lawson, Co-Founder & CEO of Purple Penguin Pebble Inc.

Kevin Lawson is a Canadian innovator developing brands and experiences in music, gaming, blockchain and XR.

Lawson’s journey began in the music industry building events and music festivals across Ontario Canada. In 2018 Kevin began expanding his experience to the esports, gaming and blockchain industries organizing B2B conferences with The Tech Society. These new interests sparked an exploration into the intersection of entertainment and extended reality.

Lawson’s current focus is his charity-driven blockchain entertainment company Purple Penguin founded with his partner Chantal Plourde. Purple Penguin’s mission is to revolutionize fundraising and tell the story of climate change through blockchain games and entertainment.