DAOs and What Comes Next for the Gaming Communities

DAOs and What Comes Next for the Gaming Communities

May 7th at 4pm CET

This month’s panel will focus on DAOs in the gaming industry. 

Join a live panel conversation with Daniel Kraft, Tech Lead and Co-founder at Xaya, Jesse Johnson, Founder of AavegotchiDAO and Marco Bahn, CEO of GameDAO on May 7 at 4pm CET.

DAOs or Decentralized Autonomous Organizations are organizations governed by computer codes and smart contracts that can function autonomously. A DAO is based on rules stored transparently in a blockchain and can execute commands automatically using external information. 

We’ll discuss with our participating speakers how they’re creating the new generation of gaming communities through DAOs and what comes next for the future of DAOs and engaging with gamers.

Watch live on our BGA YouTube , Twitter and Twitch channels.

Speakers Agenda

  • 16:00-16:05  –  A word from the BGA President, Sebastien Borget
  • 16:05-16:20  – Daniel Kraft, Tech Lead and Co-founder at XAYA
  • 16:20-16:35  –  Jesse Johnson, Founder of AavegotchiDAO
  • 16:35-16:50  –  Marco Bahn, CEO of GameDAO
  • 16:50-16:55  –  PANEL

Meet Our Speakers

Daniel Kraft, Tech Lead and Co-founder at Soccer Manager Elite/XAYA
Daniel Kraft studied mathematics and physics at the University of Graz, Austria, where he obtained two Master’s degrees in Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics. He then wrote his PhD thesis about shape optimisation with the level-set method, and obtained his degree with distinction in the IGDK 1754 doctoral program (collaboration between the University of Graz and the Technical University of Munich). Daniel has published eight scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals so far in various fields, from geometric measure theory to blockchain technology. He has been involved in cryptocurrency development since 2013, and has been the lead blockchain developer for the revolutionary Namecoin and Huntercoin projects since 2014. He has also contributed to free software from Firefox, GCC and GNU Octave to Bitcoin Core. After leaving his senior developer role at Google Zurich to work full time on the XAYA project, Daniel wishes to further develop and innovate in blockchain technology.

Jesse Johnson, Founder at AavegotchiDAO
Jesse Johnson is co-founder of Pixelcraft Studios and co-creator of the DeFi x NFT experience, Aavegotchi. Jesse has had a leadership role in developing some of the most innovative NFT products to date including the first no-code NFT minting platform, Mintable as well as Bullionix.io which minted the first value-staked ERC721s in the form of 3D, high resolution digital collectibles staked with DGX gold tokens. Jesse is focused on developing intuitive products with potential to greatly increase the adoption of blockchain platforms.

Marco Bahn, CEO at GameDAO
Marco guided ventures in strategy, technology and design, leading to business transformation and product innovation to build sustainable teams and products at scale. Currently he works on a videogame infrastructure and protocol layer for tokenised assets, crowdfinance and payment and legal DAO setups for startups in Europe.