Say Hi👋 to our new BGA members who joined recently!

Say Hi👋 to our new BGA members who joined recently!

February 23rd at 4PM CET

Our 11th BGA New Members Virtual Presentation featuring amazing games and services companies who recently joined the Blockchain Game Alliance was held last Tuesday, February 23rd at 4PM CET.

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Let’s welcome the new company members who joined us this month: school bans 5th graders from datingufmg safety rules for online datingVCOINGameInfluencerStaterUtrustBondlyQuazard Financial GamingBoson ProtocolQUDO by Block Bastards, and Crypto Briefing.

The New Members online presentation is a monthly activity of the BGA to introduce our member’s projects to the community. New members and members who have already joined the BGA who have not presented their games, products or services to the community are given opportunity to showcase what they do. A live Q&A will follow the presentation.

Speakers Agenda

About the Speaker

Jeremy Born, Founder of NFT Genius. Jeremy is a visionary leader and entrepreneur who entered the crypto space in 2016. Since then, he has focused his energy on driving innovation and is responsible for educating tens of thousands of people through industry leading events, podcasts, data and analytics tools, and most recently, NFTs. He is the creator of the award-winning NFT project Bitcoin Origins, and the founder of NFT Genius. Jeremy believes that NFTs are the killer app the crypto industry has been waiting for, and he is proving it through the success of his recent NFT projects.

Chris Banbury, VP of Strategic Partnerships at ufmg safety rules for online dating. Chris has a BA in Comparative History of Ideas, Systems Leadership, from the University of Washington. He is an experienced entrepreneur, focusing on three main themes: gamification, the future of work, and human-AI collaboration. Chris has founded startups in a variety of fields including the pharmaceutical and space industries. He began working in blockchain in 2015 and is an expert in intercultural communication with 10+ years of experience bridging culture and business between China and the West. Chris is Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Conflux Network.

John Burris, Chief Strategy & Blockchain Officer of Together Labs and VCOIN. John joined Together Labs (Formerly IMVU) in January 2018 as the Chief Strategy & Blockchain Officer, leading strategic corporate and business development across IMVU’s virtual / social platform. John arrived at Together Labs after serving as Founder/President of Silver Chalice, a sports digital technology platform provider. John was also head of wireless data services at Sprint, where he ran a $5B business focused on mobile entertainment, music, TV, gaming, and interest services. At Together Labs, John has been working on VCOIN, the groundbreaking new digital currency that will change the way users interact and earn across the metaverse.

Dr. David An, CEO at GameInfluencer. David has more than 20 years of experience in the media, entertainment and gaming industry. In March 2020, David joined GameInfluencer as CEO to expand growth opportunities in the industry, while continuing to open the gates between east and west for global game publishers.

Bogdan Baiceanu is co-founder and CEO at Stater, an open-source peer-to-peer lending platform for NFT assets that will allow users to unlock and leverage the value of their NFTs without losing ownership. He is passionate about building software products that people love and using innovation as leverage to solve challenging problems.

Rodrigo Russell, COO at Utrust. Chief Operating Officer at Utrust. Turbocharging businesses performance with crypto payments. Ex-VC at Sonae Investment Management.

Brandon Smith, CEO of BONDLY, has 14 years in Financial Services and Big 4 Consulting. Bondly is the next generation ECommerce platform focused on making digital assets in gaming easier to buy.

Paul Lindsell, CEO & Co-founder at Quazard Financial Gaming. A digital veteran with over 20 years of product design experience in Finance, FinTech, Gaming and Blockchain. He has held many leadership roles including former founder & CEO of a digital design agency, co-founder & COO of algorithmic cryptocurrency trading platform.

Justin Banon is the CEO and Co-founder of Boson Protocol, a foundational Web3 primitive that enables the Decentralized Autonomous Commerce. Prior to this, Justin spearheaded the Travel Experiences Division of Collinson, where he managed a group of global loyalty rewards platforms including LoungeKey, Mastercard Airport Experiences, and Priority Pass — the latter of which he scaled twenty-fold from $50m to $1bn per annum revenue during his tenure. A serial entrepreneur, Justin has founded numerous startups over the last two decades, including Meltfactory, a blockchain strategy consultancy where he served as CEO, and Redeemeum, a crypto native rewards platform where he currently holds the position of CEO. He also serves as a Start-up Mentor at Outlier Ventures, a leading investment firm in blockchain, artificial intelligence, IoT, and robotics.

Jona Derks, Founding Partner & Blockchain Strategist at Block Bastards. He bought his first bitcoin back in 2013 for a 100 dollars and blockchain has been on his mind ever since. Jona is currently involved in several companies revolving around blockchain and is a part-time lecturer of a blockchain course at the Applied University in Utrecht.

Mitchell Moos, Editor in Chief at Crypto Briefing. Mitchell is a software enthusiast and entrepreneur. Prior to his current role, he was the Editorial Manager at CryptoSlate. Before getting involved in journalism, Mitchell was a project manager at a firm that built distributed software on Hyperledger. His first startup designed algorithms for optimizing cryptocurrency mining.