New Frontiers for NFTs: Applications and Economies

New Frontiers for NFTs: Applications and Economies


All BGA members and blockchain gaming enthusiasts are invited to join an open forum discussion about the latest trends in the NFT space, focusing on new applications and actors for 2021.

This Friday, January 15th at 4pm CET, the Blockchain Game Alliance will host its first online panel for this year – New Frontiers for NFTs: Applications and Economies.

In-game assets have been attracting influential players and investors in the gaming industry, but what are the new frontiers for NFTs in the wider spectrum of global enterprises? Read more.

In this panel conversation, our guest speakers will be addressing how NFTs have the potential to reshape the current economic systems and the way we collect, store, track and manage digital assets and beyond. 

This week’s live panel including live Q&A is the 1st of the 3-part series BGA has prepared for its audience. Join the conversation on Friday 15th at 4pm CET to find out more about our guest speakers NFTs predictions for 2021.

Our Speakers

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Former journalist across print and broadcast. Associate of Metakovan’s since 2017. Digital truffle sniffer. Gets DeFi, loves NFT, writes everything.

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Joël is a Singapore-based self-taught developer with degrees in economics and finance who started following the blockchain space in 2012. Prior to founding NIFTEX in 2019 he developed blockchain based corporate governance solutions for three years. His dream is to migrate his Rare Pepe collection from Counterparty to Ethereum one day.

Patrick Barile, COO at DappRadar

Growing digital business since the first bubble in 2000. Track record: 4 IPOs, about a dozen M&As and successful funding rounds. Strong believer in blockchain technology. Decentralized ledgers will change everything all over again. COO at DappRadar. Active NFT whale with 30 years in the games industry (Nokia, 20th Century Fox / Fox Mobile).

Ales Gausman, Founder and CEO at NFTX

Currently building a community-owned protocol for NFT index funds on Ethereum: NFTX