BGA Demo Day: July 2022 (Part 2)

Join the BGA for Part 2 of our Demo Day July edition! Discover new blockchain games, products and service companies from our members. Attend the live event for a chance to win special prizes and giveaways.

Discover some of the most exciting Games, Products and Service Companies from our Blockchain Game Alliance members!

Join live for a chance to win special prizes & giveaways and learn more about the companies presenting their projects, game or services.

Prizes and Giveaways

Attend the BGA Game Demo Day LIVE & Win: NFT Airdrops & prizes will be released during the live stream event.

Join the live event on YouTube, Twitch or Twitter (@BGA channels)


This month we are going to host a live demo of the following projects:

About the Projects

Infinite Drive, The Tiny Digital Factory

Infinite Drive is a mobile first NFT racing platform and car enthusiast’s metaverse that allows you to collect cars from the most popular and prestigious brands, on web3.

Metaverse LAND Valuation Heatmap, MetaGameHub DAO

The Metaverse LAND Valuation Heatmap makes scouting LANDs a child’s play. With one click, you can filter to see all listed LANDs with their respective predicted price and the listing price. You can also apply other filters to find LANDs fitting to your methodology!

Evermore Knights, Creo Engine

Evermore Knights (2022)

Evermore Knights is a JRPG game featuring unique heroes and weapons as NFTs, players can invest and summon stronger NFT fighters, weapons, and equipment to enhance their fighter units.

Each fighter has health, mana, strength, intelligence, speed, and luck stats which are determined randomly during the summoning. Weapons also have the same attributes as the fighters, and they range from bows, swords, staffs, and shields. Fighter and weapon NFTs can be combined to summon a higher level and stronger items.

Players can customize their fighters and weapons, complete missions, battle in PVP, and clear dungeons to earn rewards and in-game currency which then can be used to summon more fighters, weapons, and items.

Block Brawlers

Acquire, train and trade your unique champions in the One-of-a-Kind play to earn game. Quest and Battle to test your party’s mettle. Choosing the right Brawlers and strategy in battle are key to victory. The leveling and Brawler creation algorithms ensure no two Brawler or battles are ever the same!


Brawltales is a gamefi project which prioritizes NFT and GameFi. We aim to build and merge the communities of both NFT and GameFi. With our core value and vision, ‘Build to merge, connect to redefine’ is our project’s motto. By that, it means we are here to merge gaming and NFT and align the communities. To achieve that, we are in the midst of negotiating with a few NFT projects for collaboration.