Creating a Gaming Industry on Blockchain

Creating a Gaming Industry on Blockchain

July 9th at 5pm CET

How is blockchain transforming the gaming industry?

Join a live panel conversation with three leading companies in the blockchain gaming sector.

Blockchain technology is transforming the gaming industry and enabling players to experience new ways to interact and play games. Gamers can now own their digital assets and claim ownership of their creations in growing metaverses. What comes next in the blockchain gaming space?

Tune in this Friday, July 9 at 5pm CET.

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About Our Speakers

Jacob Pouncey is the Research and Adoption Manager at TZ APAC, where he aids in businesss development and marketing. He has worked with organizations and their clients to help them navigate blockchain technology. Jacob sits on the Treasurer Board of DIrectors for the Nordic Blockchain Association, where he looks for opportunities to strengthen the organisation’s position to ensure the longevity of its mission.

Alexia Martinel, Adoption Expert at Nomadic Labs. Alexia is the Strategy and Adoption manager for the BeLux region within Nomadic Labs’ teams, the French R&D firm specialized on the development and implementation of the Tezos Blockchain protocol. Alexia has a strategy and product management background, with experience in blockchain and privacy-oriented technologies, product management and in VC business analysis and strategy.

Florian Pautot, Senior Support Engineer at Nomadic Labs. Formerly Lead Blockchain developer for Air France KLM and independent blockchain consultant for SDX (Swiss Digital Exchange), Florian is now Senior Support Engineer for Nomadic Labs. He has been involved in all aspects of blockchain projects: IT integration, monitoring, delivery, development, security, etc. His current missions are to help and support individuals and companies working on Tezos.

Stephane Panyasiri, Co-founder and CEO of NFT1 Global. With over 20 years of experience across Asia, Europe and North America, Stephane is a global serial entrepreneur and investor with proven expertise in fintech, gaming, mobile adtech, venture capital, AI and blockchain. From conception until exit, Stephane has built, led operations or advise several ventures, including such as , billtomobile (acquired by Danal) or SEA Gaming (acquired by Wargaming ). Being active in gaming, Stephane got involved in the blockchain industry in its early days, and during these years, he provided consultancy services to various startups in areas such as corporate structure, financial modelling, business strategy and fundraising. Stephane sits at the advisory board of several companies and serves as an expert in residence for SOSV — one of the largest startup accelerators in the world, which also includes MOX — a major mobile accelerator in Asia.

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