BGA X Women Founders & Play-To-Earn Games

BGA X Women Founders & Play-To-Earn Games

April 16th at 4pm CET

This month is dedicated to all Women in the Blockchain Gaming Industry!

The Blockchain Game Alliance is supporting women and women founders in the gaming industry. We are proud to invite you to an event on conversations around Play-To-Earn and the role of Women and Women Founders in the Gaming Industry – 100% women speakers! Happening live this Friday, April 16th at 4pm CET. 

Throughout 2020, we have been hosting a number of live events and talks series dedicated to the success and challenges experienced by women entrepreneurs and business leaders in the blockchain games space.

This month we wanted to focus on the stories of some of the most influential women who have been shaping the way in which Pay to Earn games have developed and continue to represent a way of generating entertainment for the payers and, in some occasions, a source or income. 

Speakers Agenda

  • 16:00-16:05  –  A word from the BGA President, Sebastien Borget
  • 16:05-16:15  – Tanya Lindsay, Co-founder at CryptoMibs
  • 16:15-16:25  –  Sol Verniers, Senior Manager at The Sandbox
  • 16:25-16:35  –  Beryl Li, Co-founder at Yield Guild Games
  • 16:35-16:45  –  Leah Callon-Butler, Director at Emfarsis
  • 16:45-16:55  –  Anna Norrevik, CEO at Antler Interactive
  • 16:55-17:05  –  Anita Angelica Moore, CEO at Blindboxes
  • 17:05-17:15  –  Sarojini McKenna, Co-founder at Dacoco GmbH

Meet Our Speakers

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Blockchain since 2014. Cambridge University Alumni and President of Cryptocurrency Society 2016; FX Quants GCP at BlackRock Asset Management; EIR at []( (Acquired by GoJek); Cofounder at CapchainX (Acquired by SMKG: OTC US); Consultant to licensed financial institutions. Supports wildlife conservation projects., Director at dating site free listmfarsis
Leah is a CoinDesk columnist. She is the Director of Emfarsis, a consulting firm focused on the role of technology in advancing economic development in Asia

Anita Angelica Moore, CEO at Blindboxes
Since 2015 I have been a blockchain investor and enthusiast. As a hobby, I coach newbies that are interested in investing in crypto through my social media handles (40K followers) and blog ( I also care deeply about sustainability. At the onset of the pandemic I launched a hyper-sustainable lifestyle brand with sales + operations in NY, Berlin, and Miami. Currently, my team and I are developing a curated marketplace for digital collectibles (NFTs).

Anna Norrevik, CEO at Antler Interactive
CEO of Antler Interactive, a game studio focused on new tech with a team of 11 people in Stockholm, Sweden. At Antler Interactive Anna has led the transition of the organization to a new company branding, name and strategy as well as the game releases of Krystal Kart AR, Krystopia: A Puzzle Journey and Krystopia: Nova’s Journey, which have been featured by Google and Apple. Currently working on two bigger game projects from the studio. She has previously worked 5 years at the leading game developer and publisher Paradox Interactive where she was a Team Leader/Producer for seven expansions and the producer for Crusader Kings 3 during 2017-2018 . She holds a BSc in Business from the Stockholm School of Economics and has studied Computer Science at KTH.

Tanya Lindsay, Co-founder at Cryptomibs
Tanya has a long history of leading technology teams. She has worked in the high-tech sector developing hardware and software products, and also in the ERP space, completing several enterprise global system implementations. She is now applying her experience in the blockchain space to develop decentralized applications. 

Sol Verniers, Project Manager at The Sandbox
Sol has more than 8 years of experience in the software sector. Currently interested in working and perfecting as a Product Designer, after more than 8 years of work that allowed her to work with various areas such as Operation Manager and Project Manager. She is currently a Project Manager at The Sandbox. 

Sarojini McKenna, Co-founder at Alien Worlds
Saro spent over 10 years in corporate finance and consultancy, first in M&A at one of London’s pre-eminent investment banks, then in independent advisory. Saro has represented equity on Boards of Directors and has advised on over £2bn in capital raises Saro came to crypto in 2017, co-founding Dacoco GmbH in 2018 to help build DAOs, which provide the framework for individuals to pursue their own commercial and collaborative objectives. More recently Dacoco have put DAOs into space with, the world’s top ranked blockchain game by users each day. Saro holds an MA Hons from Oxford University.