NFTs Presales Strategies and Results Feedback

NFTs Presales Strategies and Results Feedback

September 17th

The Blockchain Game Alliance invites you to watch our next online conference NFTs Presales Strategies and Results Feedback happening on September 17th 2020 at 5PM CEST.

With the recent launch of dedicated Blockchain and trading platforms for digital assets, online audiences have been spoiled by the amount of opportunities and entertainment during these past months, making the lockdown for many less daunting and, in some cases, rewarding.

During this live panel conversation we will be analysing the novelty approach to the market that major Blockchain based gaming companies have adopted, their presale offers methods and the overall results from their initial project launch to the present secondary market volume. If collecting NFTs has become the new trend for grownups this year, find out more about how organisations are converting a much loved consumer habit from the 1990s into a sustainable business in 2020.

Join a panel discussion with guest speakers from, Sorare and F1 Delta talking about NFTs Presale Strategies and Results Feedback on September 17th at 5PM CEST.

About the Speakers

Mark — blockchain YNWA

Sorare Ambassador & Blockchain Gamer into Sports #NFT #cryptocollectibles.

Arielle Brechisci

Content Manager for blockchain. She has an education and strong professional background in marketing and journalism.

Sean Dudley

Blockchain Product Manager at Animoca Brands, and Product Lead for REVV, F1 Delta Time and MotoGP.

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