Creativity in Blockchain Games: Art and Narratives — Women Series — Part 2

Creativity in Blockchain Games: Art and Narratives — Women Series — Part 2

June 11th

The Blockchain Game Alliance is happy to invite you to participate to our online conference Creativity in Blockchain Games: Art and Narratives happening on June 11th, 2020. This event will be led by 100% women speakers!

This event aims to show Blockchain Gaming, NFTs, and Digital Art (a world widely believed as mostly dominated by men) as an inclusive industry where women can be empowered through entrepreneurship and true ownership.

Why do we like stories?

According to Gary Whitta, screenwriter and game designer, a “story is just as important as graphics when it comes to the next generation of games” but, is that so? Blockchain technology empowered players to own and trade rare assets in the gaming world — but how does that affect the game’s plot?

Playing games can be as exciting as going on a journey where we enter multiple realities and become part of it. We end up developing a sense of curiosity and attachment which makes us relate and immerse in a virtual world even more than IRL. Powerful narratives have the capacity of capturing our attention and we feel the need of keep playing to become part of the story. But, does this formula work in every game?

Whether we choose to enter a scripted world or we have the ability of shaping it alongside other players, it’s our choice. Blockchain games add an extra reward to the traditional story line which translates in the influence players have on assets, levels and value. In this new gaming world narratives don’t to follow a known pattern, instead they give space to endless possibilities, or is this just an illusion?

Creativity in Blockchain Games: Art and Narratives is the second installment of online conference series dedicated to Women of Blockchain Gaming, NFTs and Digital Art happening on June 4th, 11th, 18th & 25th 2020.


Our speakers for June 11th Event

Hear from Luna Javier, creative director and co-founder of Altitude Games, Judy Mam co-founder of, Marguerite deCourcelle founder of Blockade Games, and Jiashan Wu, Designer at Ethernal game talking about how blockchain games are shaping narrative’s structures and creating a new economy around the trading of art assets.

  • Serena Tabacchi (NFT London + MoCDA) — a digital entrepreneur, curator and writer. She works at TATE Modern for Tate Commerce and is the founder and director at MoCDA, the Museum of Contemporary Digital Art. She is currently researching on how to curate digital art IRL (in real life) and virtually, URL.
  • Jiashan Wu (Ethernal) — designer, creative technologist, and cofounder of Ethernal. Ethernal is a multiplayer dungeon generated and owned by the players. Inspired by classic text and grid-based MUDs, players can explore the dungeon to discover new rooms and loot, collaborate with others to defeat monsters, or race against them to be the first to find rare items. The entire game is procedurally generated from the blockchain — game rules are dictated by the smart contracts and players have true ownership of items that they collect.
  • Judy Mam ( — cofounder of, the only visual conversation platform where people from all over the world speak to each other through drawings, creating collaborative art. DADA is building a token economy with a gamified incentive framework to create a new economic paradigm for artists in which making art is separated from sales transactions, allowing artists to create freely while they receive a passive income for their contribution to the community.
  • Marguerite deCourcelle (Blockade Games) — (better known as coin_artist) is a technologist, game designer, and blockchain enthusiast. She is the CEO of Blockade Games, a company that designs puzzles and games built on blockchain technology.
  • Luna Javier — Creative Director and Co-Founder of Altitude Games, the Manila-based studio behind blockchain game Battle Racers. She has been designing and producing games since 2002 and is currently helping with UX design on Metaboss, the biggest NFT boss fight in the world.

In cased you missed it…

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More Speakers throughout the Events

A fantastic line up of speakers will participate throughout this series of events.

  • Sparrow (blackboxdotart) — a software engineer, traditional artist (encaustic wax medium) and digital artist. Finding a synergy between technology and art, Sparrow explores the latent space of Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) deep learning algorithms and other digital manipulation techniques to create artworks that are a collaboration between human and machine. Most recently she has been creating “programmable art”, wherein owners of individual elements of an artwork can control the rendering of a master image to create an artwork that changes over time. Her current focus: conceiving art that allows control of some elements of the artwork to be triggered by external data such as weather, Tweet sentiments, market prices, “in-world” activities, almost anything you could imagine!
  • Simona Pop — Chief Engagement Officer at OST
  • Chloe Diamond (MoCDA + Blockchain advisor ) — freelance Content Designer, curator, and technology specialist based between Oxford and Tbilisi. She writes about art, technology, and the amalgamation of the two at MoCDA: Museum of Contemporary Digital Art.
  • Fanny Lakoubay (CADAF) — a New-York-based communication & operations specialist with 12+ years of experience in art+tech, blockchain, and ESG projects. She is currently the COO of CADAF art fairs, held by New Art Academy. Besides, she is also involved in RadicalxChange Foundation and ETHTURIN hackathon.
  • Tanya “Jasper” Lindsay (CryptoMibs) — Tanya has a long history of leading technology teams. Early in her career she worked for ATI Technologies (now part of AMD) developing hardware and software products for the gaming industry. An entrepreneur at heart, she left AMD and built a successful consulting business in the Systems Integrations space. She is now looking to bring all her passions together in the emerging Blockchain Gaming industry with a new business venture — CryptoMibs.
  • Cynthia Huang (Altcoin Fantasy) — CEO and co-founder of Altcoin Fantasy, a crypto trading simulation game and the co-founder of Airhosts Forum, the largest Airbnb host community globally. Cynthia has won 8 hackathons, totaling over $100K USD and her articles have been published on sites like CoinMarketCap, The Startup, Good Audience and Invest In Blockchain.
  • Carolin Wend (Mintbase) — from Mintbase, a platform that also allows NFT creation on the Ethereum blockchain. She truly believes that decentralization will make the world a better place and wants to bridge the gap between technology and people.
  • Holly Atkinson (The Sandbox) — Recent addition to The Sandbox where she is a full-time Blockchain Developer. She previously worked as Full Stack Engineer for Tracr in their Application Team (Forbes Blockchain 50), after deciding to switch to a career in tech and becoming fascinated by Ethereum. Her career history (>12 years) spans business development, project finance and commercial roles, including over 5 years’ international experience at leading green energy company Ørsted, where she specialised in complex acquisition and joint venture transactions for Offshore Wind. BSc(Hons) Physics with French from The University of Nottingham.
  • Marguerite deCourcelle (Blockade Games) — (better known as coin_artist) is a technologist, game designer, and blockchain enthusiast. She is the CEO of Blockade Games, a company that designs puzzles and games built on blockchain technology.
  • Caty Tedman (DapperLabs) — Head of Marketing & Partnership at Dapper Labs. She is responsible for bringing content from the best brands in the world to consumers through partnerships, where beloved IP is brought to life in new and interesting ways using blockchain technology.

Watch out for the 3rd installment of this series

  • June 18th — Market expansion: why do we need more diversity and inclusion in this industry

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