Say Hi👋 to our new BGA members who joined this month of March! (Part 1 on 10th of March 2023)

On Friday, March 10th at 4 pm CET, we will share our stage with our new members who joined the Blockchain Game Alliance recently:
Blue Sky Interactive, EOS Network Foundation, Pacific Meta, Fruitlab, and NFTStudio24.

Join live for an opportunity to learn and interact with our members at a Virtual Presentation featuring blockchain games, enterprises, and projects that recently joined the Blockchain Game Alliance!

The New Members online presentation is a monthly activity of the BGA to introduce our member’s projects to the community.

A live Q&A will follow the presentation. Watch live on YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter channels.


16:00–16:05 A word from BGA President Sebastien Borget

16:05 –16:15 Blue Sky Interactive

16:15 –16:25 EOS Network Foundation

16:25 –16:35 Pacific Meta

16:35 –16:45 Fruitlab

16:45–16:55 NFTStudio24

Meet our Speakers

Matthieu Brossard, CEO & Co-founder at Blue Sky Interactive

Matthieu has spent 10 years in the video game development industry, managing teams, projects, and products. He created Blue Sky Interactive with Max Diebold to deliver on their ambitious vision for Web3 games starting with Last Resort.

Zack Gall, Chief Communications Officer at EOS Network Foundation

Zack Gall has been an integral contributor to the EOS project since its inception, helping to build its community and shape its technology and applications. As the Co-Founder and Chief Communications Officer of the EOS Network Foundation (ENF), Zack leverages his extensive knowledge of the Web3 ecosystem, entrepreneurship, and his passion for bridging the gap between technology and society to bring the EOS Network’s social purpose to life.

A member of the senior leadership team, Zack oversees all aspects of the ENF’s strategic communications, including corporate communications, media relations, ecosystem engagement, and social channels, ensuring key stakeholders are engaged and well-informed about the ENF mission. Prior to the EOS Network Foundation, Zack held various leadership positions in several start-ups and blockchain projects. He has extensive knowledge of the Web3 ecosystem and leverages his knowledge of the space to provide guidance and support to others in the community.

Zack’s ability to simplify complex technical concepts has made him a popular speaker at industry events and conferences. When he’s not working, Zack enjoys traveling, attending concerts, playing Madden, and watching sports.

Kousei Sho, Head of Global Business Development at Pacific Meta

Kousei Sho is the Co-founder and Head of Global Business Development in Pacific Meta.
Pacific Meta provides overseas NFT projects with comprehensive marketing solutions in the Japanese market.
Skilled in Digital Marketing, Project Management, and Business Development across multinational borders.
Fluent in English, Mandarin, and Japanese.

Matthias Homan, Chief Operating Officer at Fruitlab

Matthias has 15 years of experience in capital markets and alternative investments with a focus on small and growing companies.

Hinza Asif, Head of Content Strategy at NFTStudio24

Hinza Asif is the head of the Content Strategy at NFTStudio24 and has rich background knowledge of marketing and Web3. With her expertise, Hinza leads the company’s global media marketing promotions and other activities to help clients achieve their desired outreach. Hinza has also played a key role in educating about the metaverse and its potential by initiating an educational program “Metaverse for All,” which has been introduced in various universities across India, Pakistan, Japan, Nigeria, and UAE.

The BGA also provides an open forum for individuals and companies to share knowledge and collaborate, create common standards, establish best practices, and network.

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