Say Hi👋 to our new BGA members who joined this month of May! (Part 2 on 11th of May 2022)

On Wednesday, May 11th at 4 pm CET, we will share our stage with our new members who joined the Blockchain Game Alliance recently:,,, Wyre, Intorqa, Unbound Nation

Join live for an opportunity to learn and interact with our members at a Virtual Presentation featuring blockchain games, enterprises, and projects that recently joined the Blockchain Game Alliance!

The New Members online presentation is a monthly activity of the BGA to introduce our member’s projects to the community.

A live Q&A will follow the presentation. Watch live on YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter channels.


16:00–16:05 A word from BGA President Sebastien Borget

16:05 –16:15 Raptor RR

16:15 –16:25 Oceidon Corporation

16:25 –16:35 XYZZY

16:35 –16:45 Wyre

16:45 –16:55 Intorqa

16:55–17:05 Unbound Nation

Meet our Speakers

Thomas Huxter, Strategic Communications Director at Raptor PR

Thomas plays an instrumental role in Raptor’s client communications strategies across web3 and games industry accounts. He was Raptor’s first hire, and also leads much of the agency’s high-level written content. His key accounts include Infinite Arcade, Admix, Dubit, Gismart, and Tenjin, and he has also worked on gaming clients including Roblox, Rovio and Jam City. Thomas likes to play (and complain about) really sweaty online battle royale and sports games, and is the proud owner of an NFT fantasy football club.

Andrew Green, Co-founder at Oceidon Corporation

Andrew is a strategic marketer with over 20 years experience in sales and business operations. As the owner and operator of Green Web Endeavours he is at home in the team leadership role. Andrew’s strong problem-solving skills have helped companies such as Gold Coast Distributors (Senior Account Manager) and Iron Heart Canning (Regional Manager) drive productivity to become more cost effective within their market space. Andrew was an early adopter of Tron and ERD (now EGLD), and is now researching the most obscure reaches of the blockchain. He is a serial investor in new projects and needless to say he has mooned, crashed, been rugged, front run, and sniped thus gaining real world experience of blockchain.

Justas “Justin” Pikelis, President at XYZZY

Justas “Justin” Pikelis is, first and foremost, a people’s person. It is that skill, among many, that enabled him to fundraise for a startup he co-founded and raise close to $40 million in under 20 minutes.

A serial entrepreneur, startup junkie and committed investor, Lithuanian-born Pikelis has a strong background in both law and marketing, but chose to delve deeper in business and entrepreneurship, receiving mentorship in management and economics from leaders in the field throughout his education. Following an early career where he launched a number of successful startups, Pikelis has been fully immersed in the crypto industry since 2013, which lead him to co-founding Monetha, a blockchain reputation platform for ecommerce.

Alex Heuer, Director of Partnerships at Wyre

For the past few years Alex has been helping partners from gaming to DeFi to NFT’s solve for their fiat to crypto and custody needs. Owning a Master’s Degree in Blockchain and Digital Innovation, Alex is excited to speak with the members of the BGA about the future of blockchain based gaming.

Andrew Hogan, CMO & Co-founder at Intorqa

A multifaceted and results-oriented senior — level marketing leader and brand strategist with extensive experience directing global communications initiatives, product development, branding and marketing strategies and managing complex organisational challenges.

Bertrand Delain, Partnerships Lead at Unbound Nation

Professional combining strong interpersonal and leadership skills with hands-on experience in developing successful commercial strategies and sales processes.

The BGA also provides an open forum for individuals and companies to share knowledge and collaborate, create common standards, establish best practices, and network.

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