Say Hi👋 to our new BGA members who joined this month of May (Part 1)!

On Thursday, May 5th at 4 pm CET, we will share our stage with our new members who joined the Blockchain Game Alliance recently:,, hmu dating app, Ramp Network, Anfata Games (Pirates of the Arrland), Hartmann Metaverse Ventures

Join live for an opportunity to learn and interact with our members at a Virtual Presentation featuring blockchain games, enterprises, and projects that recently joined the Blockchain Game Alliance!

The New Members online presentation is a monthly activity of the BGA to introduce our member’s projects to the community.

A live Q&A will follow the presentation. Watch live on YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter channels.


16:00–16:05 A word from BGA President Sebastien Borget

16:05 –16:15

16:15 –16:25

16:25 –16:35 Ziliqa

16:35 –16:45 Ramp Network

16:45 –16:55 Anfata Games (Pirates of the Arrland)

16:55–17:05 Hartmann Metaverse Ventures

Meet our Speakers

Antonio Ramicello, CEO & Founder at Crown Chaser

Antonio has been working with Google as a strategic partner for many years. He is the president of Rituals Academy, a blockchain community–first organization that aims to provide a welcoming environment to everyone. He Is the CEO & founder of Crown Chaser, a play-and-earn multiplayer title that will give players an engaging and fun experience.

Jean Curcio, CEO at ManuFactory

Self-proclaimed sales connoisseur with over 6+ years of experience helping companies grow.

Tom Fleetham, Head of Business Development — Sports and Gaming at Zilica

Tom Fleetham leads the company’s product development and scaling-up of strategic partnerships in the gaming and esports domain. Tom is committed to unlocking the full potential of P2E and NFTs using Zilliqa’s fast, scalable and eco-friendly network.

Jacques Whales, Chief Meta Officer

Jacques has been working for the last nine years to drive adoption in the cryptocurrency space, first founding proto-NFTs the Bitcoin Blockchain, and then a decentralized social media platform before working at Ramp to drive the Metaverse strategy.

Dominik Szopa, CEO & Co-founder, Anfata Games

Dominik is already working game prototype (proof of concept) with high-quality 3D graphics.

Felix Hartmann, Managing Partner at Hartmann Metaverse Ventures

Felix Hartmann is a German-American asset manager and futurist. Hartmann serves as the managing partner of Hartmann Capital, a frontier tech investment firm, home to both one of the first crypto asset hedge funds and metaverse venture funds. Next to the fund, Hartmann serves on a number of DeFi DAOs, such as Enzyme Finance, runs a crypto & metaverse-focused podcast, and has published the dystopian fiction novel ‘Dark Age’.

The BGA also provides an open forum for individuals and companies to share knowledge and collaborate, create common standards, establish best practices, and network.

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