Decentralized Gaming Workgroup

Decentralized Gaming Workgroup

Blockchain Game Alliance Members and Blockchain Enthusiasts are welcome to participate in a new Working Group on the topic of “Decentralized Gaming”, lead by Edward Thomson from the Web3 Foundation and involving several member companies from the Blockchain Game Alliance: Xaya, Planetarium, Cartesi and Kronoverse.

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edo state hookup (#decentralized-gaming channel)

You’re (probably) already familiar with Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and how Game Developers can put their game assets on the Blockchain. Let’s explore further how games can become more decentralized; and the design and technical challenges behind.

This working group is interested in discussing decentralised gaming technology. The emphasis is on games that aim to be fully decentralised, but this should not be confused with monolithic architectures where the entire game resides on-chain. We will put some emphasis on the development pain points and trying to find solutions to those problems. The outcomes of our meetings will be shared with the members of the BGA.

Who is leading this Working Group?

Edward Thomson currently work at the where he created and helps run the grants program. Previously, he has worked in Information Security and Investment Management, but always had a secret passion for blockchain technology since discovering Bitcoin.

How often will the Working Group members collaborate?

A call once a month is proposed and can be more often if members desire it. Aiming for a time that’s friendly to Europe and US (assuming that’s where most BGA members reside).

  • Wed 6th May, 6-7pm CEST.
  • Wed 3rd June, 6-7pm CEST

On-going collaboration will then continue on the Discord channel: edo state hookup (#decentralized-gaming channel)